The Robotics AI Lab (RAIL) at the UPS Advanced Technology Group (ATG) conducts cutting-edge research and development to build novel machine vision solutions for UPS. RAIL is searching for a research scientist, who has a research/engineering background with advanced degrees and expertise in computer vision. Project areas include machine vision system development/deployment, last mile robotics, and machine learning applications. We are looking for individuals who enjoy solving challenging problems and are passionate about computer vision research.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Develop large scale deep learning algorithms for computer vision or time-series prediction
  • Develop/deploy/validate novel computer vision algorithms to solve open-ended problems
  • Collaborate with other teams to create a new idea, design a new system, and develop/test its performance
  • Develop a life cycle machine vision environment with logging, monitoring, visualizing, and health monitoring.
  • Interact and communicate effectively across business units and to different levels of management
  • Guide junior associate scientists in support of project work

Required Qualifications

  • At least 2+ years of industry experience or relevant research experiences in computer vision and machine learning
  • Strong programming skills in Python or C++ or C#
  • Implement research ideas on a real computer vision platform
  • Experience in object detection, classification, object tracking, data augmentation, segmentation, image processing, and others
  • Experience in CUDA, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras , and OpenCV
  • Experience in developing/deploying computer vision system on edge devices (NVIDIA Jetson TX2, Jetson AGX, and others)
  • Advanced experience in cloud-based development and integration (Google Cloud, Azure, and others)
  • Ability to implement research ideas on physical machine vision or robotics platforms
  • Comfortable with Linux OS
  • Excellent communication skills in presentation (both verbal and slides)
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a relevant engineering role or a Master’s degree (or internationally comparable degree) in Computer Science, Robotics or related field